WE (Tactical Training International) is one of the most premier Airsoft weapon producers in the world. Initially WE-Technologies was in the business of developing top quality steel molds for different Airsoft weapons producers across the world. This experience laid down the foundation for the development of a full line of quality products that were introduced by WE later.


In 2003 after gaining years of experience in the Airsoft industry by providing top quality steel molds to different Airsoft weapons producers WE launched its first ever product, a complete line of gas blowback pistols and since then WE’s journey as a major Airsoft weapons producer has taken them to new heights of success.


WE Airsoft today produces an entire weapons product line categorized into three major areas 1) AEG’s (Automatic Electric Guns) 2) GBB’s (Gas Blowback Guns) and 3) CO2 Guns. The AEG Series mostly contains tactical weapons like the world renowned M4, 999 Series, KATANA Series and the MK Series. All these series of weapons have further variations within them and have been designed to full fill certain combat roles.


The GBB series is where you will mostly find your pistols, SMG’s and Personal Security short range weapons. Now the product range available in this category is simply huge as you will find Airsoft versions of almost every pistol that is available in the market. Something that might really interest buyers are the SMG 8’s that are available in two different colors. The weapon that comes with a retractable stock has a barrel length of 184mm and has been specially designed for personal security and close range rapid fire. This category also contains some long rang sniper rifles like the ACE which are very effective and accurate on longer ranges.


The CO2 category mostly contains the pistols which are further divided into 1911 Series, BB Series, and Hi-Cappa Series. The high-cappa series is a semi-automatic weapon designed as a side arm for close range combat. The length of the weapon is 190mm and the barrel length is 84 mm. The magazine size is 25 and the weapon comes with an adjustable hop up.


As an Airsoft enthusiast the product range offered by WE is sure to make your mouth water. WE has over 30 years of experience in laying the foundation for excellent Airsot weapons and today produces those weapons themselves which are by no doubt the finest in the world.

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This full gas blow back pistol is based on the German Luger from World War 2 and is as much a pra..