Have you ever wanted a quality airsoft gun which looks and feels like an actual gun? You won’t need to look any further. Tokyo Marui Airsoft offers a wide range of airsoft guns which come with large capacity magazines and high velocity. If you pick any of these guns, you’ll never regret it.


Tokyo Marui Airsoft is one of the most popular guns manufactured by Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd, Japan. It is the first company which powered its airsoft guns using air compressors which run on an electric-motor. Tokyo Marui calls this the “Automatic Electric Gun” (AEG). Instead of using an external air system to power the gun, this gun uses its own self-providing electric powered air. The internal gearboxes of the Tokyo Marui Airsoft guns are power-driven by rechargeable batteries. Most of the guns have small batteries installed internally, with metal gearboxes.


Majority of the Tokyo Marui Airsoft guns are complete replicas of original assault rifles. These are completely made out of metal, making them look like real combat guns. The bodies of a few of the airsoft guns are made from ABS plastic, though some of their external components are made up of metal. A few models are even made out of a combination of wood and metal casing.


The AK Series of Tokyo Marui offers airsoft guns made of metal and wood. Their price ranges from £294.00 to £325.69. The AR-15/Carbine Series includes airsoft guns, made out of metal and plastic and fall in the price range of £300.87 to £449.75. The Bullpup Series of guns are constructed using metal and plastic and price around £285.36. The MK 16/MK 17 series are replicas of the actual MK 16/MK 17, and offer up to 82 round standard magazine. Their prices fall in the range of £421.84 to £465.26.


Depending on the model, an unmodified version of the Tokyo Marui Airsoft gun will shoot 0.2g of Airsoft pellets at the distance and speed of 240 to 300 feet/second, which is 73 to 91 miles/hour. The magazine capacity of most of these guns is 68 to 82 rounds.  Nearly all of the guns allow the user to switch the magazine round from 82 to 30 rounds.

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