King Arms is one of the leading manufactures of airsoft guns and other accessories needed for the Airsoft game. The riffles have the ability to shoot projectiles that are 6 or 8 millimeters diameter. The riffles are made of non-metallic material. The classification of the guns considers the operating principles of the riffles. The guns are classified into three categories which are the following:


 Sport Series

The sport series is an introductory series into the KingArms range. They are mainly mae of plastic.However, an advantage of the sports series is that they are lightweight compared to the other ranges.


Ultra Series

The Ultra series is an upgraded sports model with some alloys in addition to the plastic. These are considerd ore durable than the sport series.


Advanced Series

As the names suggests these are for the more advanced enthusiast. The quality of these guns is something to be proud of you will enjoy owning such a gun. The apperance of these guns is much more realistic.


Elite series

The Elite series is the top of the King Arms range and has upgraded metal parts. These guns have exceptional quality and really do have outstanding performance.

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