JG (Jing Gong)

JG (Jing Gong)

Are you planning on filling up your Airsoft arsenal with some high-quality and practical guns? You need to look into Jing Gong. JG or Jing Gong is a well-recognized airsoft manufacturer. They are not only popular for creating solid airsoft guns, but also for reasonable prices. An interesting fact about JG is that they avoid putting company logos on any of their products. Moreover, they do not release any sort of information related to the company with their products. Jing Gong is considered as the one of the founding airsoft gun manufacturers in China, and they offer a wide range of airsoft guns.

They released new AEGs in 2008 that are capable of shooting well over 110 m/s or 350 ft/s. Majority of their AEGs are a perfect clone of guns by high-end brands. JG-airsoft-AEG range includes MP5 submachine guns, AR-15 rifles, AK rifles, G3 rifles, G36 rifles, FN P90, and AUG rifles. The FN P90 has been the best selling model of the company so far.

The prices are variable, because even through JG caters to budget minded players, majority of their guns feature durable gears, full-metal gearbox, well tooled piston heads and powerful high-toque motors. The level of accuracy with which the company makes clones of the expensive airsoft model is phenomenal.

Important Features

Some of the important JG airsoft gun features include:

·         Full metal receivers and gear boxes (depending on the model)

·         Velocity: 240 FPS  to 460 FPS

·         Magazine Capacity: 30 to 1350 Rounds (depending on the model)

·         Barrel Length: 7 to 23 Inches

JG airsoft guns are perfect for those budding airsoft fanatics who have just started using airsoft firearms. If you are searching for a professional gun, both in looks and performance, you need to consider what JG has got in store for you! 

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