The Double Aagle Airsoft is an electrical machine gun replica of the M85. It is a scale replica of the machine gun on which it is based. It is powered with electricity to fire round plastic pellets called BBs. These plastic pellets are fired out of the gun through compressed air action. The Double Eagle Airsoft allows the user to select between semi and full auto modes.

Features of Double Eagle Airsoft Electric Airsoft Gun

This airsoft gun weighs about 8 to 9 pounds and has a very authentic and non-plastic design. In fact, the only way to differentiate it from the real M85 is by the orange tip of the gun. Since it uses a plastic gearbox, it is categorized as a Low Powered Electric Rifle, LPEG.


Out of the box, it comes with a battery, a charger, a pair of safety glasses, a mock silencer, a sling, airsoft tools, and an adjustable red dot scope. It also comes with a laser scope. The hop up system is variable, and it is easily accessible through a little flip down door.


It is capable of firing the BB pellets at speeds of between 250 to 260 feet per second. The Double Eagle Airsoft is capable of firing up to 500 rounds per minute with a capacity of 50 rounds. It uses 6 millimeter BB pellets.

Benefits of the Double Eagle Airsoft Gun

Though most of the gun is made of plastic, including the gearbox, the gun has a very sturdy build quality. It is a very well made gun that will survive a little abuse while being used. The build quality means that components such as the red dot scope do not break off easily when it is dropped.


This gun is able to provide accuracy up to 80 yards which is quite good. The gun manufacturers have added four rails onto the gun to allow users to mount lasers and grenade launchers. The Double Eagle Airsoft is a well-made gun which has an affordable price.

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