CYMA is a China-based airsoft manufacturer that produces good-quality, low-to-mid priced airsoft firearms. It is a notable AEG manufacturer. However, they do not have an official website yet. CYMA avoids putting their logo or any other information regarding the company on any of their products. AK-47 and G35C are two of the most famous products by CYMA, since both are very close to Classic Army and Tokyo Marui in terms of build as well as quality. The AEG produced by CYMA are known for their durability as they last more than three years.

If you are one of those budding airsoft players who have just started in the daunting Airsoft world, you need to have a look at the CYMA airsoft guns. The company is well-recognized for introducing low cost firearms that are very well suited for non-enthusiasts and beginners. They offer a wide variety of guns, ranging from electric-powered airsoft guns to spring guns. Along with the low-end products, CYMA also manufactures some high-quality expensive airsoft rifles that are very close copies of the professional airsoft weapons.

Important Features

Outlined below are some of the important features of CYMA airsoft firearms.

·         Generally CYMA guns have velocity from 90 to 400 FPS, depending on the model of the firearm.

·         Barrel length ranges from 3.5 to 7 inches for pistols and 6 to 24 inches for rifles

·         Magazine capacity of CYMA airsoft firearms range from 7 to 600 rounds

·         The price normally ranges from £ 2.99 to £ 165.99

·         Battery and chargers are included for electric-powered guns

·         Most models have full-metal construction

·         CYMA airsoft guns feature metal gearboxes

If you aren’t a seasoned airsoft player, it is probably better for you to opt for CYMA airsoft guns. CYMA is a perfect choice for those who just need to have some fun! 

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