Ares Airsoft


Ares Airsoft is known as being the manufacturer of some of the top airsoft guns currently available on the market. Ares, which is a name based from the Greek god of war, is a company that has designed airsoft guns that are well known for their capability, authenticity, as well as their reliability. Each of the Ares airsoft guns that are available are uniquely designed so that they do not clone the other Ares guns that are available, but rather meet each airsoft player’s particular demands in the field. There is a full line of Ares airsoft guns available including the Tavor 21, AW 338, L85, M4, and the G36 rifles.


Ares Tavor 21 and AW 338


The Ares Tavor 21 offers a 9.6V Nun chuck battery and is made out of polymer plus steel. It has a high torque motor and can be used in three modes including safe mode, full auto mode, and semi-automatic mode. It is approximately 725 mm in length and weighs about 3500g.


The Ares AW 338 has a weight of 5186 grams and a length of 1202 mm. It offers a 70 round capacity and a spring power source. The shooting mode is bolt action and there is no blowback. The power is 380 fps.


G36 Rifles


The Ares airsoft rifle comes in several models from which to choose. Players will want to choose one that best meets their needs. The Ares HK G36C rifle/ non-blowback, offers a velocity of 350 fps with a range of 160 to 180 feet. The barrel length is 30 cm and it as a magazine capacity of 430 rounds. Some of the features of this rifle include a full top rail, a high torque motor, and a non-blowback version. These guns are accuracy proven and a good choice for many people. 

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