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When you receive the P90 Airsoft BB Gun, the first thing that you will notice is that the packaging is very well organized. The gun is surrounded by thick Styrofoam that does not allow anything to shift during shipping. The P90 comes with a manual and warranty information that you should read before firing the gun. 


Included in the box is an 8.4 volt battery, a standard wall charger, a front sight post adjustment tool, a de-jamming rod, a 300 round high-capacity magazine, and of course, the BB gun itself. 


The guns internal parts include a high-quality metal gearbox, while the external parts include a magazine that is located at the rear of the gun; it has a fairly long barrel when compared to others, and the components are made of a high quality polymer or plastic. The gun feels very solid and is licensed through cyber gun.


The Airsoft P90 has engraved logos that will not fade away or wear off, and they give the gun a unique look. The battery is stored in the semi-hollow butt-stock end of the gun and is easily removed by simply pushing a button located underneath the stock of the gun, which is coated in rubber, form fitting. It fits well against your arm.


You can change the fire selector mode by using the firing selector switch located underneath the trigger, allowing you to switch to automatic whenever you want; you do not even need to take your hand off the trigger in order to change the gun setting. The selector switch includes a safety, which prevents the trigger from being pulled; it puts the gun in a semi-automatic mode, which will fire a single BB each time the trigger is squeezed. 


When you switch the selector to the bright red letter “A,” the gun is in fully automatic mode. When in fully automatic mode, the gun will fire a single shot at a time by pulling the trigger in halfway, but will switch to fully automatic when pulled all the way back. The selector switch is crisp and easy to move as well. 


You can mount lasers and optics on the top and side rails, which offer more options than built-in optic features. The hop-up unit is easy to turn and simple to access, and the 300 round high-capacity magazine is easily removed and reinstalled. 


Overall, this gun is highly recommended, has a sleek appearance, and it will provide years of use if you take care of it. 

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