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Anyone who has ever been in a shoot out knows that tight spaces can lose the game. Your back is literally against the wall. You see your target around the corner. How do you get them before they get you? The answer is an Airsoft SMG.


What is an Airsoft SMG?


·         Airsoft Sub machine guns can be a personal defense weapon or side arm

·         Shoots “BBs” that travel much slower than regular ammunition

·         May be electric or gas powered

·         Gives “real feel” gas blowback

·         Mostly metal and plastic pieces

·         Durable

·         Range in prices from £99 to £180


Using any of this type of weapon can cause injury if you are not properly protected. Protective eyewear is a definite must along with body armor. Being shot during a game can cause welts or bruises. Be aware to minimize damage to yourself and others.


SMGs are great for tactical advantages against your opponents. Running off of electricity or gas, they can fire up to 390 frames per second. These weapons stay open on the last shot fired and some can give you a shooting distance up to 60 meters. The pieces are durable, made up of mostly metal springs and plastic. They give an authentic blowback feel when fired. SMGs can hold anything from 11 rounds to 190 rounds in a magazine, depending on the size of the weapon you have.




Whether you are winning, losing or just having fun, SMGs can really amp up your game. Whether electric or gas powered, these light weight, durable weapons can give you the edge you need to get to your opponents first. Just make sure you check around all those corners. Your opponents may also have an SMG!

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