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Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagles’ patent is held by Magnum Research, which had previously transferred manufacture from Israel to the United States. However the production was soon moved back to Israel after which the Kahr Arms finally got hold of the company, some three years back.


How a Desert Eagle works?


The Mark XIX, the most recently released model comes in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .50 Action Express, which are available in a vast variety of unique finishes like the brushed chrome and titanium gold. The .357 and .44 Magnum have barrel fluting present in the exterior, while on the other hand, .50 Action Express does not.


If someone expects a Desert Eagle to be like the usual blowback pistol designs that shooters so clearly love and enjoy, then they are surely in for a surprise, and a pleasant surprise I assure you. The Desert eagle is gas operated and that accounts for the huge difference in its barrel. Despite being able to be fixed in place like a usual rifle barrel, the interior is quite different, as it has no treads or grooves and instead has a six-rib polygonal rifling.


Under the barrel is located a small gas valve, which deflects the propelling gases towards a piston that force the slide backwards. As the slide travels and runs towards the end, the hammer is cocked.


On the other hand, at the ranch, the used brass is eradicated by ejection with which a new round is placed into the chamber and the dual-springs recoil and this brings about the slide to cock forward. Subsequently the bolt revolves to a position where it locks and engages the barrel with the three lugs and behold, your gun is ready to fire away.


Is a Desert Really Worth It?


Airsoft guns and pistols have come and gone, but the Desert Eagle has been here through all the times and has remained a popular choice among shooting and gun enthusiasts. If you are looking for a sturdy and strapping shooting airsoft experience in the backyard, or a weekend ‘mil-sim’ with the boys, then head right towards investing in a Desert Eagle as this is surely an all-in-one offer available that comes with an affordable price tag considering all the exquisite features this product delivers. Whether you’re looking for a good investment in your shooting, a Christmas present for your teenage son or even if you’re torn between two guns, I suggest that a Desert Eagle should be bought straight away as it will surely deliver to you its best! Happy Shooting! 

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