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If you are the type who likes to jump into the action of eliminating their opponents, organizing short term skirmishes, leading and managing close quarter combat and love military simulations then chances are that you are already an airsoft player. But do you have your airsoft pistol yet?

Airsoft Co2 pistols are an excellent choice as a side arm or secondary weapon. Due to their smaller compact size and their ability to pack a punch at close range and the preferred choice for Airsoft players regardless of their choice of primary weapon.

Airsoft Co2 pistols come at different prices starting from £ 45 and can go up to £ 200. While purchasing side arms an experienced Airsoft player looks for secondary weapons that have a limited amount of blow back. Blowback actually causes vibrations and severed movements while shooting which can lead to aim loss. To avoid this some airsoft players invest in a side arm that have limited or no blow back. The lack of blow back reduces the potential range of the pistol but in close quarter combat greatly enhances the aim of the shooter. A good example of the non-blow back pistol would be Green Gas Vertec Style FPS-340 Pistol. 

On the other hand the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE pistol is a full blow back gas operated pistol which has been specially designed to pack a punch. The blowback does affect the overall aiming capability of a player but that should not be a problem for an expert Airsoft player. This powerful weapon in the right hands can be an excellent weapon for close and intermediary range combat and has been designed to augment the use of the primary weapon. The pistol that is right now priced around £ 174 has a 27 round magazine.

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