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Electric Airsoft Guns

When you're stepping up your game to electric Airsoft guns, you want to be certain that you get the best.  Reliability, rugged design, solid look, realistic action—the works.  That's why it's important to check manufacturer specs as well as customer reviews to find out what the best electric Airsoft guns are.  We've done both and have the top two here for you.


SRC's Legendary Russian Army with Solid Stock


Ripped straight from the 1947 Russian Army design, this is the assault rifle that has been produced the most in the entire world to this date. SRC has an entire series upholding the tradition of this elegant design, bringing you the SRC AK Series AEGs.  Coming with stock nylon-fibre bodies and sporting the legendary SRC Gearbox, this is one of the electric Airsoft guns that will help you dominate the competition each and every time.




  • Battery storage in solid stock
  • Super-high torque motor
  • 6mm Ball Bearing Gearbox
  • Light battery with charger
  • All-steel magazine catch, bolt catch, charging handle and front sight
  • 3PCs Steel Gear Set
  • Comes with sling loop
  • One-piece metal hop-up chamber
  • Steel magazine holds 600 rounds
  • Weight: 2764 g Length: 878 mm
  • 330FPS
  • Price: £175.00


AGM MKII British WW2 Airsoft Gun


Second up is the AGM MKII British WW2 AEG Rifle, made of a full metal body.  This electric Airsoft gun is ultra-rugged since it's fully made of metal from the body to the barrel to the magazine to the internal construction—talk about durable! Packing a 320 FPS punch, use the included 3 pin UK charger, speed loader and cleaning rod to get the best shots this side of WWII.




  • Full Metal Body & Magazine
  • High-torque motor
  • Hop-Up
  • Heavy-weight design for realism
  • Adjustable magazine location
  • Price: £159.98


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