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Cheap Airsoft Guns

Cheap Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are created to be non-lethal and also provide sensible replicas of guns. Cost is an important aspect while selecting a suitable gun since it is not only a one time investment there are also recurring maintenance costs that have to be taken care of other than the direct initial cost.


Airshooter has also launched affordable guns that we place in our cheap Airsoft guns category. Even though these guns cost less than the usual Airsoft guns, Airshooter has ensured that there is no comprise on the quality and precision of these guns due to lower cost.


There are three different types of inexpensive Airsoft guns available in the market. The three different types of guns use different techniques to fire pellets. These techniques include using electric type, spring type or gas type.


Cheap Spring Loaded Airsoft Guns is best suitable for people whose budget is limited. These cheap Airsoft guns can be available for as little as twenty pounds or less than twenty pounds. Spring operated guns are the cheapest due to ease of  manufacture. It is also recommended to purchase smaller guns as they are of good quality than the larger ones.


For people who can shell a bit more money they can opt for gas Airsoft guns. The main reward of using a gas Airsoft gun is that they need not be cocked every time before every shot like other guns. Cheap Airsoft gun of gas type can be available for forty pounds or less than forty pounds.


It is also essential to understand the credibility of Airsoft retailers and purchase cheap Airsoft guns from reliable source that do not charge extra. One should checkout customer feedback and testimonials or reviews to help choose the best cheap airsoft guns.

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A&K PJ-M4 Full Metal Rifle
The PJ M4 made by A&K is a trully  excellent rifle crafted using the finest, most durabl..
CYMA 030 Glock Electric Pistol
The Cyma 030 Glock Electric Pistol which is much much better and  (of course cheaper) the Ja..
The  CYMA CM11 G39 AEG is the popular weapon of choice amongst the Airsoft community for goo..
The CM122 Electric Pistol from CYMA is an awesome AEP. Made by CYMA out of durable ABS and Alumin..
D|Boy AEG Metal PDW
D|Boy AEG Metal PDW is 1:1 Scale Airsoft Electric Gun Personal Defence Weapon (PDW). Full Metal C..
HFC-105 CO2 Airsoft Pistol is a non blow back budget Co2 Pistol made of Plastic and metal pa..
HFC HG-186 G26 Glock Gas Blow Back Pistol with Case
The HFC HG-186 is modelled on the iconic Glock pistol. This piece is a semi-automatic gas blowbac..
HFC HA-128 JB Pistol with SIlencer
The HA-128 Walther PPK Style BB Gun from HFC has been constructed using durable ABS, it comes sta..
HFC HA-211 SA80 L85 Spring Action British Rifle
The legendary British Rifle 1:1 Scale HFC HA-211 SA80 L85 Spring Action British Rifle Bullpup Des..
HFC HA-231 VSR11 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
“There aint no rifle like a sniper rifle.” Indeed the durable ABS and metal HFC HA-231 VSR11 ..
HFC HG-106 Airsoft Gas Pistol
The HG-106, based on the original Walther PPK used by James Bond, is a non-block back plastic pis..
HFC HG-107 Mini Airsoft Gas Pistol
Another inconspicuous and compact pistol from HFC, this piece is another reliable secondary sidea..
HFC HG-123 Gas Pistol
The HG-123 from HFC is a quality product that is both powerful and affordable. This blow back gas..
HFC HG-166 USP Semi/Full Auto Gas Blowback Pistol
The  HG-166 USP Semi and Fully Automatic Gas Blow Back Pistol from HFC is an ideal choice fo..
HFC HG-196 German WWII Sniper Rifle
This piece features a high quality construction from zinc alley shell metal making it a relativel..
HFC M93R Semi/Full Gas Blowback Pistol
The HFC M93R Gas Blowback Pistol is qaulity gun constructed from plastic with metal furnishings. ..
HFC MK23 Airsoft Gas Pistol
This is a powerful pistol at 320 FPS and when fitted with the silencer, is an intimidating piece ..
HFC WWII German MK1 Gas Pistol
The Legendry MK1 Gas Pistol was born from the German Empire Era. A true magnificent collector pea..
ICS 190 Airsoft Grenade Launcher
ICS-190 GLM is a six shot multiple grenade launcher which is strongly related to the authentic la..
The JG Israeli 1:1 Scale Spring Action Pistol is a beast of a hand gun in both size and power. Wi..
K-Warrior 1911 K008 Gas BlowBack Pistol
The 1911 gas blow back pistol from K-Warrior has been constructed using full metal and includes f..
K-Warrior 1911 K009 Gas BlowBack Pistol
The 1911 gas blow back pistol from K-Warrior has been constructed using full metal and includes f..
M83A2 M4 Carbine Electric BB Gun
The M83B2 is a versatile assault rifle based on the original M4 rifle. the M83 M4 Carbine is ligh..