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Airsoft Gun: Excellent Options for Tactical Airsoft Junkies In the UK


If you’re looking for an airsoft gun information that showcases two of the absolute top products for tactical bb gun junkies in the UK –You’ve found it. 


Many often wonder what seems to entice the masses into airsoft.  While the rush of indoor, pitched battle seems to do the job, it is often the airsoft weapons themselves.  With so many inexpensive, tactical shooters out there, you may be surprised just how realistic they can be.  For instance, we’ve got two that may just get your ‘tacti-cool’ juices flowing.  Hint: it’s all in the blowback.


#1: K-Warrior 1911 Gas Blowback System


For only £89.99, you can get your hands on one of the best deals on the airsoft market.  The K-Warrior 1911 comes with 700ml of gas, 2050 premium bb pellets, a hardshell gun case with internal foam lining, and even a 30-round magazine.  However, the best part about this 1911-style airsoft sidearm system is the fact that its ergonomics and even operation are essentially identical to a real 1911 45ACP pistol.


The beauty of this system is the fact that both the manual safety and the grip safety are completely operational.  Also, this unit is semi-automatic, actuating the slide with the operation of gas –which means that it actually functions like a real 1911.  Also, its all-metal construction is a big plus with realistic weight and fantastic durability.

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