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Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Airsoft grenade launchers are perfect for use as distraction tools when out in the field. These launchers can be used as a way to clear out a room very quickly. The gas powered grenade will remain inside the launcher so that it can be filled and reused with BBs over and over again. Airsoft grenade launchers are all fairly easy to use and should not cause you any problems when you attach them to your AEG.


When using an airsoft grenade launcher it is important to always wear eye protection as you never know what kind of debris they may kick up, even though the grenades are not as powerful as the airsoft guns are.


Mounted Airsoft Grenade Launchers


The most popular type of airsoft grenade launcher is the mounted version. These grenade launchers can be mounted directly onto your airsoft rifle for use out in the field. They are very easy to use and can give you a great advantage when you are out in the field.


The ICS range of Grande Launchers are some of the most popular in the market.


Or if you go with our D Boy launcher you can fit it to your existing gun if it has rails and is a SRC Tokyo Marui, AGM etc. It can also be used stand alone.

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ICS 190 Airsoft Grenade Launcher
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