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Airsoft Guns

You've probably heard about Airsoft guns and how they are the hottest selling replica firearms for beginners and pros alike.  That's because Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets to give you that realistic feeling without any of the lethal firepower metal BB guns have.  Airsoft guns propel the pellets one of three ways and depending on which manner of propulsion you are using, you can operate the gun manually or through a cycle or piston.


Three Different Types of Airsoft Guns


The three types of Airsoft guns are:


  1. Spring Powered Airsoft Guns.  These are manual guns and rifles, requiring you to cock the weapon before each shot.
  2. Compressed Gas Airsoft Guns.  With compressed gas, you are typically either using CO2 or a propane and silicone mix (called Green Gas) to propel the pellets out of the gun.
  3. Electric Airsoft Guns.  Electric guns use an electric motor to pull the piston that fires the weapon.  Electric Airsoft guns can often fire multiple rounds, making them either fully- or semi-automatic.


The realism of each style of gun is shocking, but the plastic pellet being fired makes this safe for a wide range of ages, especially under parent supervision.


Which Type of Airsoft Gun Should I Buy?


If you've never owned an Airsoft gun—or the person you're buying one for hasn't—you should probably stick to the spring powered version since it is the most inexpensive (starting at around  £15) and easy to handle.  For those who are in the intermediate experience range, going with a CO2 gun is typically a good choice, but if you are experienced or planning on playing a lot, electric Airsoft guns can't be beat.  Just keep in mind, you can wind up paying between  £100 and  £300 for a good model.


To find out more about the prices of the three types of Airsoft guns, click here right now. 

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