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Gas powered weapons can give you the power you are looking for as well as the real feel of firing an authentic weapon. Running on a variety of gas options, these weapons come in all shapes and sizes and are fun if used correctly.


Knowing which kind of gas to use can be tricky.


  • Green gas - Green gas is a propellant that can be used on spring or motor powered weapons. It is the most commonly used of the propellants but it is also harder to find. This has made Airsoft users turn to alternate means.
  • Propane - Propane gas is used with adapters and is not only useable as a gas but can be compressed into liquid form. Propane is becoming more and more common in the Airsoft community due to its accessibility and adaptability.
  • Co2 - Co2 gas is used in air guns to achieve a higher level of frames per second (fps). It is a great alternative to green gas or propane.


Choosing correctly will be solely based on the type of weapon you desire to use.


What does it cost?


Green gas can cost anywhere from £12 to £20 a canister. Propane gas can start at £3 but you will also need an adapter, which alone can cost you £13. You can find propane kits with both adapter and gas canister starting at £9. Co2 gas will come in small canisters. You can buy a small pack of 5 for around £4 or a 10 pack for about £8.


Whether you are using an Airsoft Assault rifle, an SMG or a pistol, having the right gas for your weapon is crucial. Doing your homework on your weapon is always recommended. The more you know the more fun you can have.

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