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The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) uses this modular based weapon which has been specially designed by FN Herstal to satisfy the operational requirements of SOCOM. The weapon is generally manufactured in 2 categories with Light SCAR and the Heavy SCAR. Both these types of weapons fire different types of ammunitions.


SCAR Airsoft like its actual big brother is also available in different variations and different prices but the basic differentiation like any other airsoft weapon is it being based on spring, gas or electric technology.


The weapon has an adjustable front and rear sight with an integrated R.I.S system. It has the ability to fire in Semi and fully automatic modes and has an adjustable hop up.


The entire product SCAR product line is made out of metal and plastic components and is robust enough to handle any terrain or conditions.  The high rate of 380 FPS allows for rapid suppression fire and the electric nature of the weapon leads to a more accurate shot and better shot consistency.


If you are an aggressive airsoft player and like to play the game on the front foot while keeping the opposition under pressure this is a very nice weapon for your arsenal.

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