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The most used carbine based rifle in the US Military today the M4 is actually a redesign of the M-16 carbine version. Despite this fact the M4 is much lighter and much shorter in comparison to the M16. The real M4 is gas operated weapon that can be fire from the shoulder and like all M16 family utilizes the .223 caliber round or a 5.56 mm NATO round.


The M4 is available in different prices and with different add-ons but the basic variation is the electric, gas and the spring model of the weapon.


M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle


A full tactical battery operated weapon made by AK&K is a battery operated rifle that has excellent game endurance capabilities. The battery power source lead to a more cooler weapon that has direct impact on the weapons operational capability. The weapon allows the mounting of any sort of optical systems or additional tactical add-on.


The weapon weighs at 3.1 kilos with a steal sliding; it is 86cm in length with an FPS of 400. The magazine can handle 300 rounds and can fire in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. This excellent weapon is prices around £ 140 to £ 150


M4 Short barrel tactical carbine


Made out of high quality ABS and metal parts and modelled around the M4 carbine. This ideal weapon for short range and close quarter battle has an ideal built and short barrel for close quarter combat. This light weight weapon is designed for entry level players for skirmishes


The weapon fires at 350 FPS at an effective range of 60 meters. The magazine can hold round about 300 rounds and has a remove able carry handle. The shorter size of the weapon contributes towards excellent accuracy and movability, all in all this is an excellent weapon for starters.

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