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Born and bred on the battlefield the M16 is the code designation used by the US Military on NATO Missions for this particular weapon. The history of this gun dates back to the Vietnam War where a robust all terrain weapon was required. The US Military replied with the M16 which is to date one of the most successful weapons still operational.

As one of the most successful weapon in the world the M16 did not have a very successful start with the initial versions of the weapon failing in the Vietnam theater. The failure was originally contributed to the poor manufacturing of the weapon. After the initial hiccup there have been more than 8 million M16’s made to date.

How can Airsoft weapon producers miss this excellent weapon out? The M16 Airsoft is available in multiple variations some of which along with their specs are as follows:

M16 A3 Electric Powered Rifle


As the name suggests this is an electric powered version of the M16 Airsoft and has excellent accuracy. The weapon has been specially designed for easy movement and combat ergonomics. A hop-up provides additional aim accuracy. The weapon fires at 300 + (Feet per second) and is a composition of Metal and Plastic; additionally the weapon has a big magazine capacity which is a huge value add-on for the user.


M16 A3 (Gas Blow Back)


The second variant is the M16 A3 (Gas Blowback) version which is a completely Automatic weapon with Semi-Automatic firing provision integrated into the weapon. This Airsoft weapon runs on compressed gas and has an adjustable hop up that can be utilized for intermediate and long range shooting.


The weapon is produced by WE and is actually an open bolt version which fires at 340 FPS. It weighs approximately 4.1 Kilos and has an extended length of 1000 mm. The kick back from the gun is lovely and realistic because of it being gas operated. The length of the barrel is 480mm.


So if you are an Airsoft lover and would like to have primary weapon that can pack a punch the M16 Airsfot is an excellent choice.

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