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Airsoft Magazines

The magazine is a very important part of the gun. It is a storage area which is connected to the firearm and can be either fixed or detachable depending on the rifle that you select for yourself. If you are looking for a superb quality magazine which is compatible with your gun, you can go for the Airsoft Magazine which is a popular choice among the shooters. The function of the magazine is to keep the pellets loaded so that it can be used whenever required. You will come across magazines in various sizes which vary from a few in case of rifles and a hundred rounds in the machine gun. Therefore, every gun has its own cartridge carrying capacity which differs from one gun to the other.


Airsoft Magazine – a superb selection


Though the market is flooded with a variety of magazines but the Airsoft Magazine is the first choice of the shooters. It is because you will come across a wide number of options which can be selected as per your choice. Let us go through the different types of Airsoft magazines which are affordable in price.


M4 Electric Drum Magazine 2300 Rounds


This is one of the most popular types of magazine that you will come across. It consists of 2300 rounds that allow lots of space for the cartridges so that you can target your goal in a better way. If you are looking for a number of rounds, then this model is best as well as reasonable in price. Therefore, you can easily place the order and buy it.


AK  Airsoft Electric (1200 Rounds) Double Magazine


If you are looking for a dual magazine, this is the apt model for you. Though the number of rounds is less but provides double benefits. Its price is slightly higher than the single one but has become very popular.


WE SMG8 Gas Magazine


Another option that you will come across is the gas magazine which consists of only 44 rounds. It is a heavy weighted and compatible with the Airsoft rifles as well as machine guns. Therefore, as per your need you can purchase this magazine if you like it.

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