About Us



We at Airshooter provide the most extensive and innovative product range of airsoft and BB guns to satisfy the demands of the modern airsoft player and enthusiast. We have put a lot of research and development into providing what we believe to be the most comprehensive range of Airsoft and BB Gun products on the market. We cater for all skill levels and provide a diverse range of goods that can be used for a multitude of scenarios. Airshooter has a passionate in house team that not only help with repairs and customer service but also provides a seven day repairs turn around service. By keeping up to date with product development and maintaining a strong and interactive relationship with our customers, we provide guns that you want. Stocking all of the most reputable brands and well known products at the most competitive prices on the market, Airshooter continues to grow and consistently stock the most advanced and innovative products out there which we know our customers will love.


If your looking to get the most out of Airsoft, look no further.